Wanderlust² – Traveling as a couple Part 1

As many of you know I spent 2016 in a converted school bus – traveling through North America. The fact that I did so together with my boyfriend (and our Bernese Mountain Dog) always raises questions. They range from:

„How did you manage not to kill each other?“ to „I wanna do the same thing how do I know if it’s going to work out?

So our bus (more interior shots and facts about the bus here) had about 200 square feet of living space (roughly 20qm) and even though that is a lot more than say a van or a dorm in a hostel it is not a lot if you consider that it was our home for a year and we were together 24/7. But we actually didn’t fight more or less than we do at home. Why?

Cause we like to do the same stuff at the same time.

That is the one and only secret I am going to share with you today as it is the only thing that really matters. And it doesn’t only count for couples it is the same with every person you intend to travel with for a long period of time.

If you’re considering a road trip or something similar you shouldn’t be asking: “do we get along well enough?” (although that comes in handy too) – you should be asking: “do we like to do the same stuff at the same time.” It is as simple as that. Because if one of you likes to go clubbing and the other one loves bonfires in solitude you will run into problems eventually.

The same goes for sightseeing or shopping, eating out or cooking, relaxing at the beach or hiking, drinking shots every night, the occasional bottle of wine or no alcohol at all. Of course you probably won’t find anyone that loves the exact same things and thats cool. Cause it might make you do things you wouldn’t have otherwise but suddenly they are a whole lot of fun. For example I would’ve never installed a TV in the bus had it not been for Felix cause “we have to explore not stay in and watch TV!”. I reaaally enjoyed our Netflix nights when it was pouring rain outside let me tell you.

Don’t get me wrong – compromises are important whenever you don’t travel alone. But chances are you are going on that trip to have the time of your life so you don’t want to compromise your happiness every single day. While it might work for a week or maybe two (although it would be a shame), if your trip is longer than that you will definitely end up frustrated which leads to fighting. And that’s just not something you want in your holiday.

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